Sunday, August 10, 2014

Airfix PE.2

First up - apologies to the slackness on this blog - lots has been going on but most of it on my "main" blog" - so finally here we are.

A friend asked me to build and paint an Airfix PE.2 for him.  That was all pretty straight forward, but once it was painted in the base colours and decaled, I asked him if he wanted it to be weathered.  Yes, a little was the reply.  So I finally got to use my Flory Model Wash on a proper model.  And here is the result:

Pretty yucky huh!  That's how it looks after sitting in a couple of gloss coats for just over 20 minutes.  Then I cleaned it up, using a decent quality paper towel and it looked like this:

Finally after adding the bombs and props, weathering the top, plus a little charcoal, and it looked like this:

It still needs to be dull coated, but my friend can do that.

Reasonably happy with how it came out - my first proper use of the product and I'm happy with it.



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