Saturday, March 29, 2014

British Armoured Troop

Some more pics of finished kit.  Here's some Airfix Cromwells, joined by an old Revell (previously Matchbox) Firefly.

All vehicles have been sprayed black, and then base coated with PSC British Armour spray.  They were then worked up to this state.

Stowage is a mix of handmade and some from Milicast Models, decals are pretty much all Battlefront which in my opinion fit very well despite them being 15mm.  The one crewman is from AB Figures from Eureka Miniatures

I've used Vallejo pigments - my first attempt - but was not really happy with their colour, so I'll be using another pigment in the future.




  1. Always liked the cold wars blog and well I do understand the blame for a Russian Horde being blamed squarely on Warick K. I like the Brits hope you have fun hunting the Jerries with them. For me 15mm, to much for FOW not to continue but Chain of Command for platoon fights and Battle Group for bigger battles has grabbed my interest of late. Thanks for the new blog Richard.

  2. Good idea about the 15mm decals. I have been considering it myself so its good to see how they pan out.

    Nice one.

  3. Thanks guys, I appreciate your comments.