Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Russian horde arrives!

Finally... a post here of some completed work - and I should have a few of those of the next week or so.

I said I would never paint/collect a WW2 Soviet force - not after spending so much time collecting and painting a Cold War Soviet force.  Then one day I came across a platoon box of Zvezda Soviet infantry for about $15 and I was hooked...  So much for my will power.

I decided I'd do a complete company of infantry and attach a few bits and peices to it.  Right now I'm about a third of the way through the project so here they are thus far:

This is a Zvezda 76mm Infantry Gun - with two Zvezda crew and a PSC crewman, seperately based.  After looking at these pics I decided that in the future, I'd place the sperately based figures beside the gun, rather than on the base...

Now I think this is an SHQ 76.2mm Zis-3 (it's metal anyway) with 3 PSC crew.  You always need a bit of AT don't you.

The Zvezda Maxim MG box comes with 2 maxim guns and crews - here is the first one (the only one I've completed to date)

Zvezda 80mm mortar teams with PSC additional crew (the separately based figures)

My first squad - all Zvezda figures from a couple of different boxes

The second squad.  The LMG gunner and loader are PSC and the rest are Zvezda

The third squad.  The NCO and one of the riflemen are PSC and the rest are Zvezda - from a couple of different boxes.

The Platoon Command squad - all Zvezda figures.  I love the officer on the left - very cool figure.

My FO team - both Zvezda - but 1 from the recon box and the officer from the Paratrooper box

Some more AT weaponry - Ivan and his mutt - out for a walk looking for panzers.  Ivan is a Zvezda figure while Fido is an Airfix modern NATO guard dog - slightly modified.

This is the whole lot - typically these 3 photos also show the one figure I forgot to photograph individually - the sniper (who is lying at an angle to the left of the Platoon Command) - and left of Ivan and Fido.

So that's my first lot of Soviets.  It may take a while for the next tranch of them to make it to the top of my painting list, but I plan of completing this project over the course of the year.



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