Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Russian Horde Begins...

So it seems I have started down the road I swore I would never go down - a WW2 Soviet army.  "No, no..." I exclaimed, "One Soviet Cold war army is enough for me - I'll never do Russians in WW2 - too many infantry!"

So here I am now starting a Soviet WW2 force.  I blame:

1.  Warwick Kinrade and his Battlegroup books, including the upcoming Barbarossa
2.  Zvezda
3.  Plastic Soldier Company
4.  Pegasus

Soon I will also be blaming S-Models.  It's obviously not my fault!

Leaping in - which is the only way to start a Soviet force - I decided I needed a whole company of infantry.  Here they are being organised:

Things have moved along since this photo was taken - and I now have the first batch painted.  Photos to follow shortly (when I take them!)



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