Tuesday, November 3, 2015

More C-47's

In a final effort to get them out of my life forever I finally finished the remaining C-47's I was building/painting for a mate.

Here they are:

And finally here's a couple of shots of the whole squadron together

Glad that's over!



Sunday, September 27, 2015

C-47 Skytrain - or is that a Dakota?

Who knows?  I just know I have 4 of the blessed things to make and paint for a mate of mine.  He gave me 2 Airfix and 2 Italeri C-47's to paint and now I can't tell which one is which...

So here is the first of them:

I can honestly say as much as I love planes with invasion stripes - I'm not a fan of applying them.  Literally hours of work for each plane... but it does look cool!

That's all for now


Sunday, July 12, 2015

British Late War Assorted Infantry

To finish up this little thread of British Late War kit, I have a few infantry I also finished recently.  First up two 3" Mortar Teams - all be AB Figures:

And now a 3 man loader team for the Battlegroup rules - I think the middle and left figures ar AB while the right hand chap is from Wartime:

A PSC medic:

And finally a PSC Sniper:

That's all for now



Thursday, June 4, 2015

PSC Loyd Carrier and friends

Another quick phot post.  This on centres on a PSC Loyd Carrier - a lovely little model.

And here it is towing an Airfix six pounder

Finally - here's a shot of a Matchbox Daimler Dingo



Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Milicast Comet

Another recent addition to my late-war WW2 British is this beautiful Milicast Comet (not beautiful because I painted - just a beautiful kit!).  The only thing I've added is a couple of AB Figures crewmen.

So there you go.  Great tank - works very well in BG: Fall of the Reich - even on its lonesome.


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Plastic Soldier Company - M9 Half-track Platoon

Next up in the new additions department for my late war British is this platoon of PSC M9 Halftracks

I decided to be exceptionally clever here and stowed them in such a way so I could tell them apart in the heat of battle and knew who was in what ride.

The Platoon Commander's vehicle:

This M9 is plain, with no side stowage - which tells me it's the Platoon Commander's track.  It also has a .30 cal on the pulpit - and the driver's visor is closed.

1st Section

1st Section's M9 is armed with a Bren gun and the driver's visor is open.  It has 1 pack on each side, so that tell's me it's 1st Section's track.

2nd Section

2nd Section's M9 is armed with a .50 cal and the driver's visor is open. It also has rear stowage.  The gunner is a PSC figure that comes with the models - but I have changed his rear webbing to look a bit more British.  The M9 has 2 packs on each side, so that tell's me it's 2nd Section's track.

3rd Section

3rd Section's M9 is also armed with a .50 cal and the driver's visor is closed.  It has 3 packs (or at least bits of stowage) on each side, so that tell's me it's 3rd Section's track.

So that's my platoon of M9's.  They may not look totally lived in, but they work on the tabletop so that's good enough for me.  One day, when I can find the appropriate figures - I do chaps for the back or each.



Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Milicast Recce Stuart Jalopy

Well the last post was all about starting a new "project" that was related to my British Battlegroup: Fall of the Reich force.  In addition to the LVTs I had a bunch of other stuff nearing completion as well - so just like most of my projects, some of them got finished first...

One of these is a Milicast Stuart Jalopy - a recon choice in FoTR.

I really love this little vehicle, which comes fully stowed giving it heaps of character.  I added the under side hull using plastic card (it is cast as 1 piece so the underside is empty), the .50 cal from a Matchbox Priest and the two AB Figures crewman in pixie suits.

Eventually I will probably weather it to make it more muddy and dusty - but I'm quite happy with where it is now.

One thing I love about this little fella, is that it doesn't have delusions about its capabilities.  With no turret and no gun, you're not tempted to take on things a recce vehicle should really be avoiding.  Instead you just go for things you can kill with a pintle mounted MG - deployed guns and infantry.

In a recent game, this fella was my star.  Survived the whole game, was fairly aggressive, got shots in nearly every turn and in the end took out a Pak40 with extra crew, and a complete infantry section.  May not sound like much - but it had a significant effect on the game.  I was rather chuffed.

That's all for now


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Airfix LVT IV - Work-in-Progress

I've been on a bit of a building spree lately, and over the weekend finished building these 2 ancient Airfix kits:

I've "chunkified" the Airfix 20mm Polsten gun as it looked a bit lame, so I used some photos of the Milicast Polsten as a guide and used various Evergreen plastic rods and beam to make it look a bit better - in a wargaming sense - not an accuracy sense.  I also added 2 x PSC .30 cal brownings to that LVT, so it has the right weaponry of Battlegroup: Fall of the Reich. FoTR provides for 2 different British LVT's, so I decided to make the other one - so I've added 2 x PSC .50 cals with plastic card gun shields.

Nothing to tricky, but within my limited skill set.

So they are now basically ready for painting.  It will be interesting to see how they perform in a game - other than having massive targets painted on them - as they hold a load of infantry



Sunday, February 15, 2015

WW2 Defences

Recently I finally got around to making/painting some defences for the Germans - particularly for the game Battlegroup: Fall of the Reich.

First up is a Pantherturm III.  This was simply made with balsa wood and a bit of plastic card.  I fitted if so I could use a PSC Panther turret - which probably makes it less than 100% accurate, but doesn't worry me!

Now a Battlefield Accessories Wooden Bunker - I've probably had for 5+ years...

and a Battlefield Accessories Concrete Bunker

The BA stuff is actually sold as 15mm, but I find it works well for 20mm.

Anyway - that's it.