Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Milicast Recce Stuart Jalopy

Well the last post was all about starting a new "project" that was related to my British Battlegroup: Fall of the Reich force.  In addition to the LVTs I had a bunch of other stuff nearing completion as well - so just like most of my projects, some of them got finished first...

One of these is a Milicast Stuart Jalopy - a recon choice in FoTR.

I really love this little vehicle, which comes fully stowed giving it heaps of character.  I added the under side hull using plastic card (it is cast as 1 piece so the underside is empty), the .50 cal from a Matchbox Priest and the two AB Figures crewman in pixie suits.

Eventually I will probably weather it to make it more muddy and dusty - but I'm quite happy with where it is now.

One thing I love about this little fella, is that it doesn't have delusions about its capabilities.  With no turret and no gun, you're not tempted to take on things a recce vehicle should really be avoiding.  Instead you just go for things you can kill with a pintle mounted MG - deployed guns and infantry.

In a recent game, this fella was my star.  Survived the whole game, was fairly aggressive, got shots in nearly every turn and in the end took out a Pak40 with extra crew, and a complete infantry section.  May not sound like much - but it had a significant effect on the game.  I was rather chuffed.

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