Sunday, August 31, 2014

25pdr 2 Gun Battery

Over the weekend I started and finished a project for a quick build run on The Guild

This is what I had on Saturday morning:

Basicaly that's a couple of Altaya 25 pdrs, broken down into bits, 8 AB British 25 pdr crew figures and 2 GW 60mm bases previosuly covered in spakfilla.

An hour or so later and the 25 pdrs had been sprayed black and then sprayed British Armour Green (using PSC sprays), the bases had been painted Vallejo Green Brown, and I'd started base coating the figures.

A little while later and the guns were essentially finished (washed and then dry-brushed up) while the figures had had a couple more colours added.

That night I added grass to the bases, and then the next day dry-brushed the wheels, and finished all the base colours on the figures.

I then washed the figures with Army painter Quickshade strong tone wash - not the dip.  I'd never used the product before, and had picked it up as my dip had dried up.  I was very impressed with the results.

Once dry, I highlighted the figures with the original colours.  I did not bother with their faces, or helmets as I was quite happy with the look given by the wash.  I then added pins to 1 foot of each figure to help them be fixed to the bases.

And here's the final look:

So that's it.  One 2 gun battery painted over a weekend (probably in 5 or 6 hours) with plenty of time to spare.  Quite interesting to see what can be achieved if I put my mind to it, am prepared, and don't muck around.



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