Sunday, February 7, 2016

A new project - France 1940

Over the next little while I'll be adding a new project to this blog - a French 1940 force for Battlegroup Blitzkreig.

BG Blitzkreig gives the French player 3 different options for army choice - a Cavalry Division Force, an Armoured Division Force and an Infantry Division Force.  Within those 3 choices there are a variety of infantry platoon options but all (apart from a cavalry platoon on horse back) variants on a theme.  Paint enough figures and you can play almost any type of platoon - just swap the figures around to match the configuration you are after.

To help paint them I needed a few references.  I used the painting guide in the BG Blitzkreig book along with this one from Battlefront.  I also bought this book to help:

Anyway - each French battlegroup gives you the option of having a Forward Headquarters.  Here is mine:

These are all Blitz Miniatures from the BFI 12 Staff Officer set.  The one on the left is painted to look like a Cavalry (tank) officer in a leather jacket and scarf.  His Kepi colour represents the cavalry as well.  The one in the middle and the one on the right are meant to look like infantry officers, witht he one on the right having a flasher looking jacket.  It was hard to find colour pictures of senior officers, but from what I could see there was a variety in colours in the uniforms of the officers - so that is all I was really trying to represent.



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